Hola x3

Hi. My name’s Loretta Addams. Where do I come from? How old am I? It doesn’t matter. I love cats, wolves and all animals. I’m if a vegetarian. I have dogs and  he’s  my world. What kind of person am I? I’m a loner and independent of course. I’m a melancholic, pessimist, I’m sarcastic and introverted (not shy) creature. But i’m a little crazy too. I like to party occasionally. My way of seeing the world and thinking tends to be different so it is not accepted by others. I don’t like people, i’m a romantic misanthrope. People around me are boring, they don’t have anything interesting to say so I push them away. But I have no problem meeting new people when they seem interesting. Most of the time I’m alone, I like to be alone, but I don’t like feel lonely. Loneliness is my only friend and my worst enemy at the same time. One of the important things about me is that I’m an obsessive-perfectionist and it really affects my life. I don’t fall in love or care about other people, just about my family and animals. They deserve it (the animals) because they are innocent and beautiful creatures for who I keep rest of my empathy and sensitivity. *_* I have a lot of mental disorders like depression but l still like myself and I don’t have low self-esteem, I just don’t like my body and I have serious body dysmorphic disorder. I love music! Music is one of the nicest things in this world. I like classical, melancholic, rock and indie music. I adore voices of Lana del Rey, Emilie Autumn and Sia. In my free time I watch a lot of series and movies. American horror story, Dexter, Skins, TVD, Game of thrones, The originals are my favourite series. I like fantasy; vampires and elves ♥ Hmm. What more? Oh! I also love psychology, I’m fascinated by mentally ill people. I adore plants and flowers. I like alcohol. I take care a lot of my hair ( a “little” obsession). I’m in love with black. And I love tumblr, this page inspires me. So, i think that’s all. You can send me a message if you want to know something more. Xoxo. :**

* Sorry for my english.




Taka tam Loris : 3



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